Замена ремня безопасности Toyota Sequoia своими руками. Toyota Sequoia Car Seat Belt Extension - E4 Safety Certified by Seat Belt Extender Pros

See all of the product details at This is a click-and-go extender, so buckle it into your Toyota Sequoia, and you are ready to drive in comfort. All Seat Belt Extender Pros products are designed and manufactured with your security in mind. Our car seat belt extensions are E4 Safety Certified to surpass international standards. This product is ideal for those who otherwise cannot buckle up in their Toyota Sequoia, which may include bigger-bodied and plus-sized people, patients utilizing non-emergency medical transportation services, law enforcement, police, sheriffs and service persons with bulky equipment belts, those with limited mobility and range of motion, and many others. Whether you drive a smart car or you order Ubers on your phone, Seat Belt Extender Pros high quality belt extenders will let you buckle up in comfort and safety by helping you lengthen your seat belt. Trust the leading brand in seat belt extenders as so many others have. Powered by Treepodia

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С разъёмом ты конечно психанул :)
на замену ушло 10 минут
Do I need the serpentine belt tool to replace the serpentine belt on a 2002 Honda Accord 4 cyl? Thanks.
he has very poor hearing, that's why he is screaming all the time.
1:30 on a Saturday morning, wrenching with your pet watching over you... My kinda night! Think the chicken was saying, 'Knock those moths down here Mom, bet they taste good!' lol! Great video!
awesome video I have a toyota 98
mine is working in the sleeper but in the front it's not working
Ok first things First a Batteries life span is 3-5yrs... And ALLL OEM Batteries are SHIIIT!!? They Always use the Cheapest/Shittiest batteries think about it they make 100,000 Vehicles, if they can save $10 On switching to cheaper ones that’s gonna save them $1,000,000... BTW you did that COMPLETELY WRONG... I would suggest making a New one Seeing how your teaching ppl the wrong way, I usually never criticize because you learn something from everybody but this is what I do I deal with batteries and have for over 10yrs now, you wanna disconnect the NEG.(Blk) then the POS.(Red) And when you Jump a Car it’s Pos. First then Neg. (when connecting cables) then Disconnect the Neg. cable then the Pos. (Batteries are Bombs they Can Explode If your not following Proper procedures which is why certified professional should be dealing with that also anything after 96 you want to keep power to the vehicle (leave it running, And then disconnect the battery) use a K.A.M Unit(keep alive Memory).. No normally I don’t do this I love your videos I watch them all the time especially because I have a G37S myself I just feel like it was my duty to share proper methods when dealing with batteries because the way you just did it can cause people to get seriously hurt or worse but I also said this so that way you could have proper knowledge for the future that way you don’t end up hurting yourself then you can still help others like myself in other parts of mechanical Issues... Stay Hungry stay Humble Stay Blessed
can you help me find my code ive been looking every where my info is  sc-815.. 3533713-1 serial no v08150 H1729060F  thank you..
Looks very neat instead of hanging strings.
Excellent information
Here's an update on my snapped waterpump bolt. After practically taking the engine out, I noticed the waterpump housing can be seperated from the block without removing the engine. Four bolts hold it onto the back of the block, also a large hose will need to be removed from the back of the housing, the retaining clip is quite fiddley to undo. As I removed engine mounts, drive shafts etc, access to housing was easy but it shouldn't be a problem without going to all the hassle that I did.
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