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Caution not to hold th plug wire while cranking, plug wires have a lot of amperage n at least will shock n hurt u. Next check ur fuse. Fuse-box under dash in honda. May be bad fuel-pump fuse. When repairing always replace cheapest part first. Thanx 4 sharing nice vid.
To those who have this issue. Check the fan...it was the cause and it kept failing so got it replaced.
Have you ever considered using a motorcycle dash cam and installing it in the grill of a vehicle? This would keep the camera hidden from view completely.
Самандар Зарламов
Excelente video muchas gracias felicitaciones muy claro Saludos Hugo desde Argentina
У меня ваз 2112 на холодную заводится на газ реагирует немного поработает прогреется глохнет потом завожу наберант обороты глохнет на газ не реагирует что делать
Фрунзе Кундеренко
нет зарядки, и не горит контрольная лампа нет зарядки в чем причина
Да там просто петелька делается.
У меня на клио 3 ближний и дальний и дворники перестали работать. Скажите пожалуйста это такая же проблема?
nema do kocke
Thank You this was awesome
i want toyota voxy zs 2017
What were the exact tools you used for the full operation? Size of power tools and bolts etc.?
Молодец все сам так и надо как сделаешь так и будет а бригада накосячит и не скажет покажут результат и баки давай потом разгребай а их след простыл Еще раз молодец Будем у тебя учиться
man thanks alot.
Did it and take the car for testing and fail, is there anyway to pass the test
Всё доходчиво. Лайк и подписка. Так держать?
The only place I turn to on the internet for help in fixing my Volvo myself is here and to Robert. ONCE AGAIN... ROBERT SAVED THE DAY! I was experiencing the frustration of random stalling. I knew it could be a variety of things, but didn't know where to check first. After watching this video I quickly made myself a squab (jump) wire, pulled my relay, and let the car run. It did not shut off so I went to work ordering one right away. Advance Auto wanted about $66 for my 1998 V70 AWD, while AutoZone was around $47. I had it same day, easily replaced it (as easy as replacing a light bulb at home) and the next day confidently drove it out of state with about a 400 mile round trip. It did NOT STALL and has not stalled since. Robert, you are worth your weight in gold and just an all-around nice guy (whom I have even had the pleasure of chatting with on the phone). Please remind us that you accept PayPal Tips and where to go to do that. I hope that I am not the only one tipping this man for all his content, education and hard work. Volvo for Life baby, Volvo for Life!
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