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Эрманис Бекет
How much tension is ok for a new belt? What would be the best way to tension it correctly without any special tools? Any tips?
It worked for my 2005 Lafesta but i start the car on the sixth.
if the seatbelt is to small lose some damn weight
Zawaar bai car ka malik 19lakh 75hazaar tk sale kr dy ga... Ap dekh lena
how did you remove the first screw,next to small hose. it is so rusted
В который раз убеждаюсь,что все гениальное просто! Спасибо Автору,молодец парень!
How do set the time on the diaplay I have a 2003 toyota corrola please help I don't have instructions
2019 Suzuki Jimny, is really nicely designed suv.
hi, just putting the belt on after a head swap but the reference marks on the gates timing belt don't match the marks on the crank with all pins in?
Vendo mi casa por
Евгений, добрый день. Не подскажите как будет справлятся мультиметр Mastech ms8236 с задачами автодиагностики. Почему именно про эту модель спрашиваю, потому что есть кабель трекер в комплекте.
Thanks for posting this. Many ingrates making comments about the key in the ignition with the door open. I think they missed the point: This is a simple hack, well explained, paper clip is much easier than the speaker wire method offered elsewhere, and guess what? My car makes the exact same chime sound when I leave my keys in the ignition with the door open :) A small comfort in an often incoherent, inconsistent world. Haters, take a hike!
Я на вольво отсоединял боковую вставку пластиковую с переключателем подушки, отсоединял коннектор чтобы отложить ее, вернул на место-горит этот значек и не гаснет..
Hi Paul I have been watching a lot of your vids which to me an oldtimer are great!. You are an excellent teacher. Unfortunately for me I am in the uk and as a result have a european vehicle. What I would like to suggest if its possible is if you could outline for a simpleton. Is what the normal sequence of events that leads to a normal starting situation. then to have a series if vids saying what would happen if a certain input failed at a certain point. Or a sensor died or malfunctioned at certain point how and why these inputs malfunctions have effects on others and the effect on others throughout the engine. You may have detailed this in your book I dont know but I am at the point of asking where can I buy it. Let me know if its possible to produce the suggestions above as it would be really helpful. I am a retired nurse and we always started our training with normal functioning before moving onto abnormal. I am aware that not all systems are designed the same but they maybe similar. with slight deviation from manufacturer to manufacturer. I have been a part-time petrolhead and am pleased to be able focus more on the electronic controls side in my retirement. The mechanical side is not a problem to me at all. but I am personally a keen student and very willing to learn. whatever I have already learned such a lot from you so thanks very much for that. many many thanks Colin Lyne
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